Fun & Flighty Feathery Flare …

This painting was started a few days ago, I tried to use colours and tones that were as realistic as possible because I knew that I would then have some fun with the Flare app on my computer:











More Ballooniness …

Yesterday I stuck with just one shade of green to which I added a grey and then a black. Today I wanted to see what would happen if I went from one colour to another. I decided to go with blue fading to purple. Here’s the result:

Green Balloon-iness…

Even though we were away during this year’s Bristol Balloon Fiesta, we have been lucky enough to see many hot air balloons gently floating across the sky above our home and garden. These are my favourite 2 photos of balloons this summer, both were taken from my garden:

In this second photo, the balloon really was very low, I hardly had to zoom in at all!

I decided to use balloons as my inspiration for a series of paintings that I intend to complete this week. This first one had a very simple colour palette, I used the same shade of green throughout, simply adding grey and then black as the painting reached ground level :


A New York Memory …

I enjoy looking back through old photos and I thought it was time for me to return to New York (in my head, anyway). This painting was inspired by several photos that I took this summer. New York really was a blur of people, taxi cabs and incredible buildings:

I’m not sure that I’m totally happy with how the road looks but I’m going to live with it for a few days.


White Chocolate Yummyness …

I’m following @deliciousmag on twitter and discovered this incredible recipe for a White Chocolate Truffle Torte. We had hoped to tuck in yesterday but reading the recipe I discovered that it had to be frozen overnight. Cue an impatient period of waiting!! We had a lovely roast chicken for our sunday lunch, closely followed by this delectable torte:

Mmm, Meringue …

There’s something about a boy looking up at me with big brown eyes, telling me he’s hungry and there’s only 1 type of biscuit left in the biscuit tin – drastic action was needed!! I knew there wasn’t enough time for me to bake something before tea so I had a rummage in the freezer and found the last of the cupcakes that I made about 2 months ago. Normally, I’ll make a batch of 24 cakes and I’ll put them all in the cake tin. I always end up with a few left overs that are no longer fresh enough to eat and they end up being thrown away. Well, no more! Having made 24 cakes about 2 months ago, I kept out 6 and froze the rest. Over the past 6 weeks or so I’ve taken out those that I’ve needed for butterfly cakes, trifles, small fruity gateaux type things and have defrosted them prior to decorating and/or using. Today I made use of the final 6. I was going to simply decorate them with raspberry jam and a spoonful of buttercream but as I had an egg white left over from my toad-in-the-hole batter, I made a tiny amount of meringue. It was just 1 egg white and 50g of sugar which, once whipped to stiff peaks was then spooned on to the cakes, I then used my blowtorch to ‘cook’ the outside of the meringue.

Below are the results and yes, my boy is hungry no more: