A Tasty Tea-Time Tarte Tatin Treat …

We managed to get into the garden today, yesterday was impossible because of the rain but today, for 1 day only the sun shone. This meant that we were able to harvest our apples. Our tree is still tiny and it’s one of those that is grown for small gardens because the original apple tree has 2 other varieties grafted onto it. This meant that we had 3 different apple-y tastes to go in our Tarte Tatin. In total we had 1 kilo of apples, just from our little tree – amazing!

The Tarte Tatin that these made was delicious, even my apple hating youngest liked it. It might have had something to do with the sugar that I added that made this very sweet. I did cheat a bit and used shop bought puff pastry for the lid/base:

I served the Tarte with some vanilla yogurt. This was the perfect foil for the sweetness of the Tarte.

There was a little puff pastry left over so I quickly made some Cinnamon Whirls:

These were yummy too!!




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