Melon Smoothie …

Is life too short to de-seed a watermelon? I think so! I started to follow a recipe for ‘Melon Soup’, the first instruction was to deseed the melon – I lasted about 5 minutes before I realised that it would take me ages to complete, I therefore blitzed the melon in my food processor to liquify it, I then poured it through a sieve which very kindly caught all of the seeds. Fresh raspberries (300g) were then added, as was 100 ml of condensed milk, 150ml sour cream and 3 teaspoons of sugar. The mixture was then blitzed again and poured through a sieve once more. The result was 2 litres of sheer deliciousness – it’s not soup though, definitely more of a smoothie. I have a glass with breakfast, it sets me up for the day perfectly:


This recipe does come with a warning: following this recipe was the most mess I have ever made in my kitchen – that’s saying something! I’d advise against attempting to blitz all of the liquid in 1 go in a food processor (magimix) as they leak when over filled!! Next time, I’ll either blitz it in batches or I’ll use my hand held processor and will blitz the liquid in a large bowl.


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