Painting, One Year On …

It was this time last year that I thought I would have a go at painting with watercolours. I’ve been amazed at the feedback that I’ve had year and I have absolutely loved learning how to paint. I’ve been repeatedly inspired by blogs that I follow on wordpress – to all of you who are kind enough to follow this blog ‘thank you’, to all of you who have ‘liked’ and/or commented on my posts, an ever bigger ‘thank you’, you’ve inspired and encouraged me to try different techniques and colour palettes. I can’t wait to try even more over the coming months.

Instead of painting today and tomorrow, I’ve decided to do something even more self-indulgent. To mark my 1 year ‘painting anniversary’, I’m going to share my favourite 10 paintings that I’ve done over the past year, 5 today and 5 tomorrow.

Here they are, in no particular order:

This is an abstract painting of the tower at Leez Priory, Essex. It is where I was married and so will always be a very special place.

The Eiffel Tower, depicted as Spring Blossom, very random but I do like the result!

This remains one of my most favourite paintings which is why it is used as my header image. This was one of the first paintings where I used salt on the background to soak up some of the water, once it was dry I added the tulips themselves.

I have loved painting butterflies and this technique worked really well. I used white oil pastel to create the basic shape of the butterfly, I then painted over it with a fairly limited range of colours. This was also one of the first paintings that had paint splatters and dribbles – these certainly make errors easier to incorporate in to the painting!

Salt was used in the sky of this painting, I also used some patterned paper to create some additional interest – my husband coined the phrase ‘water-collage’ to sum up this style.

I’ve enjoyed putting together these 5 paintings, I wonder which my final 5 will be tomorrow!







12 thoughts on “Painting, One Year On …

  1. Lovely idea to have a review of your year Rachael. Leez Priory is a stand-out for me! I enjoy following your painting adventures and experiments. I also love what the whisk produces.(and thanks again for the award – I will be organized by Wednesday)!

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