A Recipe for a Picnic …

The plan today was for me to bake and then me and the boys would cycle in to the city centre to meet my husband at Millennium Square, for an evening picnic. There’s a big screen there and they are showing events as they happen at the Olympics.

I’ve spent the majority of the day baking, the house has definitely had a warm, baking ‘fun’ about it. I’ve made:

Sausage Rolls

A Potato Salad

White Chocolate Cookies (made with some molasses sugar, mmm…)

Chocolate Swirl Meringues

We also have a pot of cherry plum tomatoes, another one of hard boiled eggs and some apples and bananas to balance things out a little.


Every time I look out the window though, it is either pouring down or there is a slight glimmer of sunshine, sadly, the rain outweighs the sun at the moment. Fingers crossed that it will brighten up a little later.






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