One Lovely Blog Award Nomination …

Brush, Needle & Whisk has been nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award! Many thanks to for the nomination. Make sure you check out all 3 of their blogs: http://arcanearrangements.wordpress.com

The Rules:

1]  Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog– see above

2]  List seven random things about yourself–

1. I’m writing this as I watch the show jumping part of the Olympic 3 day event.

2. I am stunned by how much I am enjoying learning to paint and shocked by how much I miss it when I have a day without painting.

3. I’m meeting my 1 and only cousin and his family for the first time next week and am really excited.

4. My favourite drink is a really strong coffee with a frothy milky top!

5. I am a convert to the kindle.

6. I was kicked in the head and knocked unconscious by a horse called Thomas when I was sixteen.

7. Thinking of 7 random things is harder than it looks!

3]  Nominate fifteen other blogs–

I follow so many inspiring blogs that it’s hard to whittle it down to just 15 but here goes:

4]  Notify the fifteen nominees


5]  Put the award logo on your blog.

Thanks again to JE Lattimer for the nomination, I really appreciate it 😀



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