A Lesson Learned the Hard Way …

Painting a Calla Lilly would, I thought, be quite simple. It was however its simplicity that made it really quite difficult!

I began with a simple sketch:

I then added a little watercolour pencil to create definition:

This is where I should have left it!!

Unfortunately, I decided to add more colour:

I then (trying just too hard) attempted an abstract version with watercolours and chalk pastels:





6 thoughts on “A Lesson Learned the Hard Way …

  1. Simple, but I like it. I find it interesting to see the four versions. It’s odd…I thought the sketch was plain when I first saw it but after the other three color designs, it’s the first one I like best. I’m not familiar with watercolor pencils. Are thoseb4 pictures the one single sheet of paper?

    • Thank you for commenting – the first 3 pictures were done on a single sheet of sketching paper, the last one was done on watercolour paper. Watercolour pencils can be really useful, before adding water, they just look like normal pencils, painting them with water gives them a whole new quality 🙂

  2. Thanks very much for sharing this process; I think most artists can really relate to this … The great thing with art is that If you don’t like it, you can always cut it up and use it for collage! =D

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