Abstract Painting of the Day …

It being the start of the school holidays and my children being at a friend’s birthday party, I decided to spend some time looking through ‘Painting Abstracts’ by Rolina van Vliet. I was drawn to the lesson entitled ‘Experimenting with Liquid Paint’. In this lesson she encourages the artist to ‘allow chance to play a part’ – this really appeals to me. This is partly because chance has often resulted in some very pleasing results and also because it means I don’t have to be totally precise with where I am putting the paint! I think I have painted a few too many horizontal lines but other than that I am quite happy with this piece:


4 thoughts on “Abstract Painting of the Day …

  1. Lovely work 🙂 To my eyes it looks like the airplane view before owing toward an island w/ the reflection on the water. Abstract is so much fun – and letting the paint go where it will is definitely fun and inspiring! Thank you for sharing this.

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