Biscuits for a Party …

Tomorrow, my oldest will finish Primary School. He’s been there for the past 7 years, so tomorrow will be a bit of a milestone for him. To celebrate all of the children leaving tomorrow to go on to secondary school in September there will be a red, white and blue themed party – not a very imaginative theme I’ll grant you but it is topical here in the UK. My contribution is to make a personalised biscuit for each child. These have taken hours to bake and decorate today but hopefully, the recipients will enjoy them:


8 thoughts on “Biscuits for a Party …

  1. brushneedleandwhisk, you get the award for Best Mum in class! love the way you have personalised them all. The photos are treasures. Only the crumbs will remain at school tomorrow after the hordes have gobbled them up but at least you will have proof.

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