Shine a Light …

I don’t think I’ll ever understand why, when life’s busy, inspiration can come

quickly whereas when, like yesterday, I had plenty of time on my hands, I painted nothing.

In between teaching  today, getting tea ready for the boys and getting ready to go out this evening (for a curry, with friends), I decided to paint a light house. I’m not sure why, but the idea struck me as a good one to try.

I stuck to a very simple colour palette and was really pleased to find some paper scraps with the same hint of turquoise as I used in the sky, I think they make quit reasonable rocks:

I really like the way the water marks have occurred, they could be light trying to seep around the body of the lighthouse, alternatively, they could be showing the aged, flaking paintwork or even rust on the lighthouse – a happy accident.

The salt will be brushed off once the painting is totally dry, I’m loving the effect that the salt has had on the sky.



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