On Display …

The more I paint, the more pictures I want to display. There are some real favourites that have been framed and hung around the house. They have been hung with precision, measurements have been taken to ensure certain paintings are hanging straight and in line. I did however have an expanse of wall where there was nothing on display at all. Pictures and certificates that my children had drawn and achieved had been hanging here, but the string holding them eventually snapped under the weight and my children decided that they were getting too old to have such things displayed.

I was therefore left with a bit of a dilemma. Did I want to simply hang a couple of paintings or did I want somewhere where I could easily change the paintings on display as and when I felt like it? The answer was the latter. I found a variety of borders that many frames are sold with and I used these to create what I hope is a very relaxed display of a range of my paintings:

Each painting is hung on a mini bulldog clip and they are attached to the borders with a small amount of masking tape, ensuring that I can easily change them around in the future. I’ve also made sure to leave plenty of gaps which I can fill with future paintings!


4 thoughts on “On Display …

  1. Interesting! Oblique lines are very eye-catching and really draw you in. The borders hung skew-wiff also give another view of your paintings! I like your inventive approach!

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