Fancy a Fumble …?!

My lovely parents came for lunch today to celebrate my mum’s birthday earlier in the week. We had lemon sole with a brown butter sauce and capers, roast potatoes, a carrot salad and a celeriac and apple salad. Click here for more info about the fish:

The salads were very simple, the carrot salad was finely sliced carrot served with a dressing of olive oil and lemon juice. The celeriac and apple salad comprised finely sliced celeriac and apple served with a dressing of olive oil, white wine vinegar and mustard. Both salads were perfect for certain members of my family who appear to be allergic to lettuce!!

For dessert we had a ‘Fumble’ – not what you might think!! It is in fact a Raspberry Fool topped with Crumble. I had already planned dessert for today but then I saw a recipe in the Guardian, yesterday and had to give it a go. Click here for the recipe.

I made the crumble mixture early this morning when everyone else was still asleep, I also added some raspberry liquor to the raspberries (I didn’t have any strawberries) and then left them to chill until it was time for pud.

It was delicious!! Definitely one to be made again.


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