Hair Inspired Abstract …

Painting abstracts is something that I don’t always find easy, there needs to be some kind of inspiration, even if the end result doesn’t look like anything in particular. I wanted a shape that would flow, I wanted there to be both open and closed spaces and I wanted to use a relatively muted palette.

This is what I came up with:

My inspiration for this abstract was my hair!! I have long dark brown hair – I’d love it to be the colour of burnt sienna but it’s more burnt umber really. It’s neither straight nor curly. Anyway, when I tie up my unruly mop, it doesn’t ever form a neat pony tail, it never looks sleek so I end up making the most of its messy waves by tying it in a loose, haphazard manner. It kind of forms the loop as above, with lots of extra sticky out bits.

I’m pleased with this painting and will now make much more of an effort to look out for inspiration lurking within everyday shapes!





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