Same technique, different image …

Following on from my ‘Lesson in Picasso’ this morning, I limited the colour scheme for this next painting and I really like the result. I used a combination of sepia and alizarin crimson for the main colour, I watered this down for the ‘tint’, added grey for the ‘tone’ and added black for the ‘shade’. A blue-green and a green-yellow were then added to the painting to provide contrast. As can be seen in the photo, I added salt to the sun and the sky, I also used my now much loved white oil pastel to separate different parts of the painting. I like the effect created by the oil pastel as it emphasises the shape of the original, pre-cut image. As a final touch, I found 2 very different but (I hope) complimentary papers on which to mount my painting. This is definitely one needing a frame.


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