A Lesson in Picasso …

This morning I decided to  do a one-off lesson from my lovely book: ‘Painting Abstracts’ by Rolina van Vliet. I used similar colours to those in her book and here is the result:

The steps to creating such a painting are:

1. Draw a simple image.

2. Cut the image into different sized strips, trying to use some diagonal cuts to add interest.

3. Arrange the shapes onto a larger piece of paper, stick them down once you are happy with the composition.

4. Paint each individual part of the painting, using a colour scheme of your choice.

5. Add in a simple background.

Here’s the slideshow of how my version was created, using watercolour pencils:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Already, ideas are buzzing around my head for other paintings. The colour scheme that I’ve used here does not really appeal to me, it’s too bright and there are too many different colours. I think that I may try another painting in this style but this time I’ll use a more muted colour scheme, using tints, tones and shades of just 2 colours. I love it when the painting one image sparks off ideas for lots more !!


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