Salt of the Earth …

There seems to be snobbery where salt is concerned. Some say that only the more expensive salt gives a good flavour, others say that it all comes from the same place and so doesn’t really matter.

However, when it comes to soaking up watercolour paint, the bigger the crystals and the more expensive the salt, the better the effect! I discovered this when I used some very cheap salt, found at the back of a cupboard, to try and create a watery effect on a painting. It didn’t really work, but I quite like the painting anyway!

I have been inspired (yet again) by the colourful houses that overlook the River Avon and Bristol Docks. As for the balloon, well, apart from the annual balloon fiesta here in august, there are often balloons to be seen flying over the Bristol skies, we even have them fly over our garden, sometimes so low that we can talk to the people in the basket!!

I may well try another painting similar to this one but on a larger sheet of paper, then I can hopefully include plenty of water (with salt) as well as some different tones for the grass and the sky.


2 thoughts on “Salt of the Earth …

  1. You have been painting some amazing things lately! Good job
    Is it ok If I send you that cash next week.. some things came up and I had to spend some more money than I expected!

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