Something Special for a Sunny Saturday …

My boys really love this Quiche Lorraine, it’s something they will happily eat either warm or cold and it goes equally well with a lovely fresh green salad and new potatoes as it does with crisps!!

The only down-side – if it can be called that – is that there are 4 egg whites going spare as the yolks have been used in both the pastry and the egg & milk mixture. As I didn’t want to waste them, I made some Brown Sugar Meringues for us to have as dessert. These were a HUGE hit. I’d never made meringues with a half caster sugar, half brown muscavado sugar combination before but I’ll definitely be making them again. The muscavado sugar gives the meringues a delicious taste of caramel:



6 thoughts on “Something Special for a Sunny Saturday …

  1. Now I know what to make for someone’s pud tomorrow, was going to do the usual pavlova but I think we can have a change!

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