Feeling blue …

It’s been a while since I painted something floral so I decided that today was the day. I’ve been trying out some different blues recently and thought they would work really well as tulips:


I painted the background first and then sprinkled some salt over it – once it was dry, I scraped the salt off. I really like the effect that was created by the salt soaking up the paint. I’m also really pleased that the colour of the tulips allows the paint that is underneath, to show through.


7 thoughts on “Feeling blue …

  1. Hi there brushneedleandwhisk! thanks for visiting and liking my blog. I have just pinned a picture of your beautiful knitting onto my Pinterest board and you might be interested to know that it was repinned by someone within half an hour or so! well done. your food looks gorgeous too. best wishes, philippa

      • Great, Rachael! I look forward to keeping in touch. My knitting is on hold since a big burst brought on arthritis in my thumb! So you know I really understand that labour of love.

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