Praise for ‘The Little Paris Kitchen’ …

I know I have mentioned this book by Rachel Khoo before, but it’s worth repeating! Each recipe that I cook from this book is utterly delicious.

Today, for lunch, we had the egg, cheese and ham muffins. They were amazing, really filling, easy to prepare and enjoyed by all:


They are clearly not your traditional muffin, but they are baked in a muffin tin! Crust free slices of white bread were rolled flat and then brushed with melted butter, they were then pushed in to the muffin tray so that the bread formed the ‘case’. Inside each bread case I put a thin slice of ham followed by an egg yolk with some of the white, followed by a couple of tablespoons of a thick cheese sauce – I used a Comté cheese which was really strong and made the sauce go quite string-like. Each ‘muffin’ was topped with a little grated cheese, they were then baked for about 10-15 minutes. These treats made a very tasty change from sandwiches!


I did the weekly food shop this morning and decided to take a chance by opening my recipe book at 2 random pages. I was really lucky because our main course of Lemon Sole with Burnt Butter, Parsley and Capers was unbelievably quick and easy, this enabled me to take the time needed to make ‘Millefeuille‘!

First off, the main course – the fish literally took 5 minutes to cook and it was kept warm whilst I made the burnt butter to drizzle over it. We could really taste the zing of the lemon juice that was added to the butter, I was really pleased I decided to add the capers, I wasn’t sure if my boys would like them but they demolished their tea as if they hadn’t been fed for a week! A real hit that will be made again soon:


Next we had the Millefeuille. I’ve never made these before and consequently didn’t roll the pastry out quite thinly enough to get the proper effect. I did however manage to slice each rectangle of puff pastry in half, I then filled the middle with vanilla crème pâtissièrre, apple purée and lightly whipped double cream:




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