In praise of the humble cupcake …

My boys will soon be returning from swimming – they’ve all become incredibly competitive and are swimming further and further each week. One thing remains the same though – they always return ravenously hungry!

Today, they will return home to a delicious and succulent roast chicken. It is roasting with a ‘stuffing’ of a lemon (that has been punctured with a skewer all over), some butter and some oregano and rosemary that were growing in my herb pot outside the kitchen door. A drizzle of olive oil over the top and a quick seasoning of salt and pepper and the chicken was covered in foil, ready for the oven.

To follow the roast, we will be having the subject of this post – the humble cupcake. Cupcakes seemed to take the world by storm (inasmuch as a cake can storm the world) over recent years. When I ran my foodie business, before my return to teaching, I baked, decorated and sold all manner of cupcakes, decorated with a vast range of fondant creations. Today however, I wanted to go back to basics :

Well, the boys have just arrived home and already they are tucking in!!

My favourite and most reliable cupcake recipe uses the all-in-one method and for 24 cakes I used 300g butter/soft margarine, 300g sugar, 350g self-raising flour, 2 tsp of vanilla extract, or the seeds from 1 vanilla pod and 6 eggs.

In theory these keep well for around 4-5 days, in an airtight container – in this household they probably won’t manage that long!



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