Mousse aux éclats de chocolat …


otherwise known as Chocolate Mousse!

This took me about an hour to make this morning and was left to set in the fridge until dinner time this evening. I used the recipe in Rachel Khoo’s ‘The Little Paris Kitchen’ book. It was quite complex to make in that there were different mixtures to prepare which then had to be carefully combined. There was some crème pâtissière (pastry cream) made with cocoa powder instead of the usual vanilla pod, some whipped cream and some chocolate meringue. Each individual mixture was delicious in its own right but once they were combined, they were truly amazing. This is certainly a dish that I would do again, especially when friends and relatives visit. Next time, my ‘critics’ have said that perhaps I could layer it with some plain chocolate mousse and some white chocolate mousse, all prepared in the same way!!

Here’s what it looked like – incidentally we each only managed half of our mousse, the other half is back in the fridge ready for tomorrow!

Little extra touches such as smearing the inside of each glass with a tiny amount of butter and then coating them in cocoa powder made this chocolate mousse one to remember.


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