A Bounty of Butterflies, part 2 …

I’ve been painting purple butterflies all afternoon today and it’s been lovely! There are for a possible commission and may be sent all the way over to the USA. If it turns out they are not what was required, I may well end up framing them myself as I think the colours are gorgeous!!

I’ve been using a larger size of watercolour paper today which means that I haven’t got any suitably sized backing paper. Instead, I bought an A1 piece of purple card and have decorated it myself using a flower stamp and some silver ink. I then used a small amount of the card to create the non-painted butterflies.

The painting can now be backed by the purple card, ready for framing:


here’s a close up :



5 thoughts on “A Bounty of Butterflies, part 2 …

  1. This is beautiful! Have you looked into shipping for me? Id love to know a price so I can work towards saving the money. If you can send it safely without framing that would be awesome as id love to frame it myself. My only request is maybe some more details on the backing paper like possibly some lace or swirly looking things? Idk how id explain that to you. The colors are right on beautiful! I can’t wait to see it above my baby nieces crib! This is great thanks for giving it a go for me!


    • Hi Sara, many thanks for your lovely comments. I’m very happy to add some more swirly silver to the backing card. I’ve replied to your original message on my first butterfly post, in short, the painting will cost 60 dollars and posting/packaging will be 15 dollars. I can post the painting and the backing card rolled up in a cardboard tube – I think that will be the best way for it to be transported. I’ll email you some photos tomorrow once I’ve added silver to the backing card, Rachael

    • Hi Sara,
      I’m not sure that you have received all of the details that I have posted regarding price and postage, some of my wordpress posts don’t seem to have been published for some reason. Can you let me know whether you have received the info and whether or not you’d like to proceed with buying the painting? Many thanks, Rachael

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