Butterflies …

I’ve been painting more butterflies today, this time I wanted to try some different styles and colour combinations. I have a possible commission for some purple themed butterflies and I wanted to see which style worked best :


I think that the original style that I used which is on the left, works best but I also like the middle butterfly. I don’t think the butterfly on the right works very well but it was good to try it out.

So far as the colours are concerned, the purple was made by mixing ‘rose madder genuine’ with ‘french ultramarine’, I think they mix to create a beautiful shade of purple.

I’ve asked all the boys in the house and all agree that the butterfly on the left looks best, especially as it will be repeated in the final painting and purple patterned paper will also be used in this shape.

What do you think? Do you think that 1 set of wings, 1 set of antennae or 1 butterfly body looks better than the others? Any feedback will be very gratefully received.  🌷


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