Colourful …

Painting was very relaxing today, it was relatively quick and I didn’t have to worry about aspects such as perspective and shading, both of which are weaknesses of mine. Instead I copied the style of my later post yesterday and I did 2 further paintings. With each painting I changed the background colour but kept the additional colours (cerulean blue, payne’s grey and alizarin crimson) the same:

This one had a violet background and even though I left the initial colour wash for the same length of time as I did in the other 2 paintings, water marks and colour merging did not really occur.

This next one had a background of sepia – before this doing this painting I thought the overall look would be very murky, I was pleasantly surprised by the mixture of the sepia with the blue and with the crimson, the water marks also add some interest:


Here’s the painting I did yesterday with a sap green colour wash:

Tomorrow, I plan to use these colour schemes and style of painting to add just a small amount of detail. I think the violet painting lends itself to some kind of sea/beach scene, maybe with just a couple of birds added in the distance. The sap green painting will make a reasonable hillside scene. As for the sepia version, I’ve not quite decided. Perhaps adding the hint of a castle or a fort will work. I’ll have to give that some thought.


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