Lessons learned …

Today’s painting has taken me quite some time. I’m not totally happy with the end result either – however I have learned some valuable lessons:

1. Don’t rush – there’s no time limit and so there’s no need to self impose one.

2. Linked to number 1, know that it’s ok for a painting to take more than 1 day.

3. Don’t add some patterned paper just for the sake of it, if it doesn’t add anything to the painting then it’s not needed.

4. Using a small number of colours is fine too – paintings don’t have to include all the colours of the rainbow!!

5. Don’t try to cram everything in to 1 painting, simple is ok!

I think that’s enough lessons for 1 day. Here’s my painting from today – I think I managed to break all 5 of my own rules here:


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