Festival of Chocolate …

The Festival of Chocolate is here in Bristol this weekend and being the community minded citizens that we are, we decided to take a look! It is being held at the docks and there are loads of chocolate themed stalls. Unfortunately for us, within the first few minutes we found that most of these stalls were selling nut infused, nut roasted and all manner of nut themed chocolate. One of my boys has a nut allergy so we had to steer clear. On the upside though, we were able to indulge in some freshly made doughnuts (made while you wait – worth missing out on chocolate for 😄 ) and we took lots (more) photos of the docks.

On returning home, I’ve combined various aspects of different photos to create the plan for a painting I hope to do tomorrow morning:

This is a view of the ‘horny’ bridge (as it is known to the locals!) that reaches across from the dockside to the floating harbour. The picture isn’t exactly how I want it but it’s a reasonable starting point. I’m going to have to spend some time thinking about what I want to include and how best to include them, from the images below:



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