Brilliant Bacon and Excellent Eggs in a Super Salad …

I arrived home from work having failed to stock up on food the day before and my rapidly growing boys were hungry for their tea. I looked in the cupboards and in the fridge and was faced with some unsmoked bacon, a lettuce, some spring onions, some eggs and some plain flour. After a bit of thought I came up with a meal that really worked, so much so that we will be having it again soon.

I made some flatbreads with the flour – the dough was left to rest for just 15 minutes which was when I shallow fried the bacon, hard boiled a few eggs, washed and shredded the lettuce, chopped the spring onions and made a small bowl of mayonnaise. The bacon was allowed to crisp up in the oven whilst the flatbreads were cooked. The result was a very tasty, summer-like tea : flatbreads with a crispy bacon and egg salad & mayo :

The flatbreads were rolled up with the Bacon & Egg Salad and Mayo inside – yum! For some additional heat we added some extra hot chilli sauce – even yummier!!


2 thoughts on “Brilliant Bacon and Excellent Eggs in a Super Salad …

  1. Like the sound of that, amazing what can be rustled up when you think you have nothing in the cupboards!

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