Notre Dame de Paris …

I was fortunate enough to have a whole day off today, not only was I not working but the sun was shining and the garden was beckoning. I decided to attempt a detailed painting as I had plenty of time – I was also waiting for a parcel to be delivered and ended up being home for most of the day.

The subject of my painting today was Notre Dame, Paris. I wanted to include some of the stonework detail as well as lots of lovely tones and colours. I worked from I photo that I took about 15 months ago, at night:

As usual, I planned my painting using watercolour pencils, this helped me to choose the colours that I wanted to use:


Two and a half hours later, this is the result:

I like the way the colours have mixed but wish I hadn’t painted such a definite line to indicate the left side of the building, I much prefer the effect on the right!

Having tried to dilute the line on the left and having minimal impact, I added some lovely paper to my painting:



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