Brunel’s Bridge …

Clifton Suspension Bridge is synonymous with Bristol. Every time the city of Bristol is mentioned in the media, an image of this iconic bridge is displayed. I think that explains why I’ve not attempted painting a picture of it yet, it’s almost too obvious a choice. Instead I’ve painted images of the harbourside, Cabot Tower and the Dower House. This morning however, I could resist no longer and so planned my image with my watercolour pencils:

I knew I would want to use some ‘water collage’ somewhere in my painting but it wasn’t until my 11 year old suggested that I put some fruit in the tree that it came to me:

I think this paper works really well as it makes the tree look as though it is full of (perfectly aligned) juicy, delicious fruit.

I kept the image purposely simple, this bridge really is a thing of beauty and I didn’t want to detract from that. Maybe one day I’ll attempt a more architecturally accurate painting, but for now I’m happy to stick with simple.

This is the photo I used as my inspiration:


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