It’s ‘Choux’ Time …

Our lunch today was in honour of it being my husband’s birthday last week and I wanted to make a dessert that I’d never tried making before, having always believed it was too tricky and too likely to go wrong. I didn’t have a ‘plan B’ and so had to give it my best shot.

I can’t believe I thought choux pastry was difficult! I followed a Mary Berry recipe and they turned out really well. The best part though was pumping each choux bun full of whipped cream – even my boys wanted to have a go!

Each choux bun was then coated in a chocolate icing before being chilled in the fridge for a couple of hours.

Just to have a go, I attempted to make spun sugar. This too was a new experience for me and didn’t go quite to plan – the sugar syrup mixture cooled too quickly and was tricky to ‘spin’. I re-heated it a little and decided to drizzle the sugar which had by now turned to caramel, over the choux buns. As soon as the hot caramel hit the chilled, chocolate coated buns, it solidified. The caramel made an intensely satisfying sound as we all crunched our way through it. I’ll definitely be making them again – my boys have asked for a full-on Croquembouche next time though!! ❀


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