You’ll Never Walk Alone …

Having created some modern art for my eldest’s newly redecorated bedroom, I was struggling for inspiration when it came to creating some for my youngest’s bedroom. I spent a few hours with ‘live brush’ at the beginning of the week but found it increasingly frustrating.

During tea tonight, an idea suddenly occurred to me. My youngest is a big fan of Liverpool Football Club, he is also (rightly) proud of his scouse (Liverpudlian) roots. Therein lied my inspiration for his art:

I’ve used soft pastels, mainly a mixture of greens with a touch of yellow, a touch of blue and a very small amount of red on the tips of the wings.

My son’s room will be decorated silver, black and white with accents of green, if you google ‘liver bird images’ you will find that the original Liver bird (pronounced lie ver rather than liver) which is on top of the Liver Building has turned a beautiful shade of green, perfect for my son’s room. Whilst I’m pleased with how this canvas has turned out tonight, the best part was the look on my son’s face when he saw it, it was priceless.

If you’re wondering where the title for this post came from, it is the title of a Rogers and Hammerstein song which was made famous by Gerry and the Pacemakers. It is the song which is sung by the Liverpool supporters at every match they play.



2 thoughts on “You’ll Never Walk Alone …

  1. What a trip down memory lane, I used to see the Liver Birds each day when I was on the ” Ferry cross the Mersey”( another Gerry and the Pacemakers song) going to work in Liverpool!! Like the football that the Liver bird is holding, looking forward to seeing it tomorrow !!

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