My little black book …

I think I have mentioned in the past that I occasionally use my small watercolour Moleskine book to plan some of my paintings. I should have used it yesterday as I ended up throwing my painting away – I hadn’t planned it properly, I was rushing whilst trying to help my boys with their homework and cook tea at the same time. My painting didn’t stand a chance, it was doomed to fail from the start.

Today, I awoke with a renewed determination to plan my next painting properly and this is where my Moleskine book, my own little black book, comes in. Using watercolour pencils I planned my painting:

This is a painting of Bristol Harbourside, with a hint of John Cabot’s boat, the ‘Mathew’ in the foreground. On returning from dropping the boys off at school and a quick food shop, I added some water:


I now feel able and ready to focus on my next painting. I intend to make use of some lovely paper in this painting too but don’t know as yet where – it will either be for the river, or I may use some brightly coloured paper for a couple of the houses and the flags.  I hope that with a little trial and error it will work out ok.


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