Fun at Fishfest …

I attended my first Arts Market today. It was very low key (it was the first of hopefully many locally organised events), there were only 10 stalls, however I was ridiculously nervous. It was the first time I had attended such an event with my artwork. As things transpired, I was worrying over nothing, I sold plenty of cards and more importantly, received lots of kind and generous compliments. I shared a stall with the polymer clay jewellery designed and created by a friend, I think it all looked quite effective:

I now feel a lot more confident about attending other events with my artwork. Today’s was a perfect foray in to the world of arts markets, there were some beautiful items for sale throughout the hall, the atmosphere was lovely and during the quieter times, stallholders were able to browse other stalls. Needless to say, I managed to spend the money I made but in my defence, all that I bought, were  presents for other people. All in all, it was a good day and I’m really looking forward to attending another event.



2 thoughts on “Fun at Fishfest …

  1. Think problems have now been sorted, S. is on holiday in Kent. Glad you had a good day at the art market, keep up the good work!

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