The story of a painting …

I had a free morning today and could either have gone shopping for more arty and card supplies or done a painting. I decided on the latter, the sun was shining and it seemed a waste to spend time in the car and at the shops. I’ve wanted to paint another ‘negative’ picture for a while now, but know that they do take a long time to complete. I convinced myself that I could be patient enough to wait for each layer to dry before I painted the following layer. Here’s the ‘story’ of my painting today:

Here is my first painted stroke of the day, having already brushed water on to the paper. I like the way the paint has found its own path down the page.



I gradually added some subtle colour – sap green, alizarin crimson, yellow ochre, cerulean blue and payne’s grey.



And so began the addition of leaves…




More leaves were added and the colours were slowly built up.






More leaves were added and the colour deepened.










This is my final painting, I’m really pleased with how the colours have blended together. I added a few discreet veins to the leaves – I want the painting to be about the shape and colour of the leaves rather than the detail. I’m off to work for the afternoon, when I return home, my painting will be dry and I’m hoping to frame it simply, with some beautiful paper either alongside it or framing it from behind.


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