A House of Cards …

There will be an arts market nearby in about 10 days time and I’ve asked to have a stall. Having taken some advice from some not very old yet very experienced hands, I decided to try to turn some of my paintings in to cards. I have been told that people are more likely to buy a few cards than a painting at events like these.

I now have a stack of 50 cards, 20 are A5 size and 30 are A6. I’m really pleased with the results:



I’ve now got most of my paintings turned in to cards. As a consequence, I’ve spent each evening this week printing off images, preparing labels and sorting cards in to their individual bags. I feel far more confident about attending the arts market now that I’m not simply trying to sell my paintings, after all, everyone buys cards. If the worst case scenario occurs and no one buys any, I’ll have plenty of cards to send to family and friends over the coming months!


2 thoughts on “A House of Cards …

  1. Congratulations on your lovely cards, hope you have a really successful day at your artists market! Will your Mum be getting one of your cards for Mother’s Day, I’m sure she would love a flowery one!

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