A Lesson in Painting …

I decided, somewhat belatedly, to follow a ‘lesson’ in one of my watercolour painting books. I chose to use ‘How to Paint Colour and Light‘ by Jean Haines. Her lesson about celebrating colour really inspired me to try some new, never before used by me, colours. Painting a random building though, doesn’t inspire me too much, so rather than copy her painting of a castle, I chose to use the tower at Leez Priory in Essex as my inspiration. It’s a beautiful building and just so happens to be where myself and my husband were married.

This painting is not meant to be a like for like replica, as will be clear when you see it. However, knowing what a stunning place it is enthused me and made me determined to  do it justice.

I’m not sure that I have achieved the latter point, but I’m really pleased with my painting nonetheless:


4 thoughts on “A Lesson in Painting …

      • That’s kind. I didn’t intend to leave a comment as breadcrumbs back to mine. I genuinely like the experimental nature of what you did here and it struck a chord with me. I wonder did you work from life, memory or photos? I find that working from photos particularly inhibits my experimenting in paint. The temptation to copy (although i have no intention of copying) gets in the way.

      • I’m still very much learning and try to look at as many arty blogs as I can find the time for – picking up tips has helped me a huge amount over the past few months. To answer your question, I do use photos but try to only use them at the start of a painting. I love the way the colours mix together – if I stick rigidly to a photo this drives me mad, so I’ve had to learn to let go and relax about it.

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