Modern Art for a Modern Boy, part 2

Having planned the designs I hoped to use for some modern art to go in my son’s re-decorated bedroom, I had to decide how to best recreate them. I wasn’t convinced that I could get the required shape or texture with simple watercolour paints. I therefore decided to try using pastels. I was pleased with the initial results but felt that the image was lacking something, I had a play with some pen and ink as well as with just a dash of watercolour.

Here are the results:

I’m really pleased with these final images and more importantly, so is my son. I had done some research in to getting the original computer aided designs printed on to canvas and was stunned to find that each one would set me back £50! As it was, I used materials I already had (paints, pastels etc) and following a trip to a local arts store I spent just £12 in total on the three 12″x12″ canvases. A bargain for me and something unique for my son.