Sunset on a scrap of paper…

Yesterday, I was at work (I teach in a local primary school), and my colleague and I were planning the work for the afternoon. The children had been working really hard on their topic of ‘slavery’ – a heavy topic for 10/11 year olds, but they have responded to it really thoughtfully Anyway, we thought we would give them a ‘lighter’ afternoon by  enabling them to create some ‘African skies’  inspired art. I was able to pass on some of my limited knowledge about using watercolour paints and mixing the colours. I even managed to have a quick go myself on a scrap of paper:


As well as concentrating on the colours used in the wash, the children had to think of natural shapes that they could use to create silhouettes that they could then stick on their pictures. Many of them chose elephants, some chose monkeys, the most stunning were intertwined giraffes and a roaring lion. It was quite humbling to witness the children’s imagination roam free.


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