Spoilt for choice …

It’s been a relatively mild winter here so far, so much so that there are various buds beginning to appear. Now, I’m no gardener but I do love my postage stamp sized patch of England and it always amazes me when plants continue to grow year after year, under my haphazard care or maybe I should say despite my haphazard care.

This morning I noticed the beautifully soft buds of a willow (?!) beginning to appear and I thought they would make a lovely subject for a painting. I took my trusty camera out and took the following photos:


The last one is my favourite.

Not having enough time (or daylight for that matter) to paint in between getting home from work, getting tea ready and going out to a meeting this evening, I decided to have a play with an APP that I recently downloaded for my Mac laptop, it’s called ‘Big Aperture’ and this is what I was able to do:

Which is your favourite?

I really like ‘rusty’ and ‘ancient’ (hover over the images and the ‘effect’ name should appear), then again, the original is still very appealing!


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