A place to plan …

There have been times when I’ve wanted to plan a picture both in terms of the design and the colour ‘scheme’. I’m not yet confident enough to simply paint onto a large white, scarily blank piece of paper – I need some props onto which I can lean my very meagre but growing, knowledge of what makes a ‘good’ picture. To this end I bought myself a small ‘Moleskine’ watercolour notebook this morning and this afternoon, in between a bit of baking, some shopping for our newly redecorated spare room and framing some pictures for our ‘new’ room, I planned a picture.

I wanted to use this photo that I took of Bristol docks a couple of months ago, but have been a bit wary of how to approach it:



Instead of potentially wasting a large sheet of quite pricey watercolour paper, I used my watercolour notebook. I was able to use some watercolour pencils to give an idea of shade and colour:



The next time we go somewhere picturesque, I’ll be taking my Moleskine notebook and a few watercolour pencils with me.






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