In the Pink …

Sometimes, inspiration comes from the most unlikely of places. Yesterday morning I looked out of my bedroom window (my bedroom is in the attic, so the view is often fantastic), it was still quite early, before 6.30am anyway and the light from the slowly emerging sunrise was incredible. It seemed to literally bounce off some of the buildings that were in it’s path. I grabbed my ‘phone and took the following photo, which doesn’t do the colours justice, but it did give me an idea for a painting:

The colours I used, ranged from pink to grey, with the addition of the yellow hue of the sunlight on the distant flats and the terracotta of the nearby chimney pots. I went to my trusty ‘Painters Pocket Palette’ and chose to use ‘Rose Madder Hue’ as my base colour. To this I added viridian, payne’s grey and cerulean blue – these three shades were for the sky and shadows of the buildings. I also used burnt umber with the rose and cadmium yellow with rose for the shaded and lighter parts of the chimney pots:

One of the many things that I love about living here is that whilst we are in the city, with all the variety and colour that can give, I can see hills from my bedroom window. I can see trees and greenery which I think creates a beautiful contrast between the manmade and the natural. For the hills, I added more viridian to the colour mix that I had already.

I wonder where my next inspiration will come from …


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