Happy New Year …

and it’s now time I learned how to use one of my Christmas presents. I was lucky enough to be given a ‘Bamboo tablet’, this piece of modern tech links to my Mac computer. I can then play all sorts of different games but more importantly, I can doodle, draw and paint. I’m very slowly learning how to use ‘live brush’ but it’s taking me a while to get to grips with all that it can do. I decided to use ‘doodle’ today, I wanted to see if it could help me to plan a picture.

First of all I chose this photo as my inspiration:

This is a photo showing Bristol docks, with a replica of the ‘Matthew’, John Cabot’s boat that sailed across the Atlantic in 1482, in the foreground. I did however want to focus on the beautifully coloured houses that are in the top right of the photo. They are a real feature of Bristol and there are many rows of similarly painted terraces throughout Bristol. I also knew that I wanted to include some of the trees that line this part of the River Avon.

This is what I created on doodle:


I prefer the simplicity of the first picture but I didn’t want so many houses in my painting. I therefore decided to concentrate on a smaller number of houses, I also knew that I wanted the colours to blend into each other, something that I couldn’t do on my computer.

This is my final painting:

I am really pleased with the result. I’ve seen quite a few abstract(ish) watercolours where the artist has allowed the colours to run into each other both horizontally and vertically, so I decided to let the colours flow wherever they chose. I’m looking forward to learning more about using technology to help me to plan pictures, although I don’t think I want to stick to rigidly to the images I’m able to create on my computer. The aspect of watercolour paintings that has both surprised and pleased me the most is it’s very unpredictability, I don’t think any pice of technology will ever be able to truly match that!


2 thoughts on “Happy New Year …

  1. Really like your third picture with its gentle muted colours. Modern technology is wonderful but you can’t beat the artist’s eye and hand interpreting what is in front of them. I’m sure the computer will be a very useful tool in composing your pictures. Happy painting!

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