Why my paintings are like buses …

it’s because I’ve not done any for quite a while and then I paint 3 in 1 afternoon! Unfortunately, I didn’t like the first two at all, I’ll be using the reverse side for practising at some point in the future. I think I just tried too hard to create abstract images of a hydrangea ‘head’, the results were not good at all, one was way too blurred, to such an extent that the image faded almost completely into the background, the other was so abstract that it didn’t make any sense at all.

On the upside however, I think I learned from the mistakes I made earlier this afternoon and I’m really pleased with my third attempt:

I chose a small collection of flowers that were in different stages of decomposition and I loved the colours that were created. I tried to get as close as possible to the natural colours, as with all things natural, the colour combinations were all sumptuous. I feel very relieved as part way through the afternoon I was beginning to feel quite downhearted, thinking that because I hadn’t been painting for a while, I had lost my sense of creativity.

I hope to paint again next week, when the Christmas festivities are over and before the New Year ones begin in earnest, hopefully I’ll still retain my creative mojo.


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