Getting a brush off!

vision in blue

And now to the painting part of my blog. I chose water colours despite the fact they seem to be acknowledged as the most challenging of paints. I love the colours that can be created and I especially love the fact mistakes can be easily rectified. Sometimes it’s the mistakes that turn a painting in to something wonderful.

Here are some of my initial attempts at water colour painting, painted in July and August 2011:



The blue boat above was my first ‘lesson’ from a beginners guide to water colour, it was a good place to start as I only had to think about whether I was wet brushing or dry brushing.


 I really liked the fact that I didn’t have to paint the snowdrops, their shape is apparent only because of the simple shading and the blue background.
The trees are my favourite of these four paintings, simply because I love the different shades of green and the impression of a winter sun, low in the sky, casting the shadows.


The sunset, whilst very simple was also fun as I was able to release my inner child and use a white wax crayon for the sun and the glimmering water.

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