A natural beauty.

Having visited Westonbirt Arboretum at the weekend, I felt totally overawed by the sheer beauty of the trees. The autumn colour was just beginning to appear and with the sun shining bright but low in the sky, the whole place took on a really magical quality. It looked stunning:




I used the acer as the inspiration for my first painting from Westonbirt. The shape of the leaves and the colours they had turned were beautiful. I was able to use many of the colours in my new paint sets, I also decided to use some pastel as well, to increase the definition of a couple of leaves:


A very Happy Birthday!

It was my birthday recently and I was lucky enough to recieve not one but two new sets of paints. They look pristine and very professional – two things that I am not! I feel very spoilt by my boys to have been given such lovely gifts. All I have to do now is get over my fear of ruining their perfection by using them!!

         We’ve decided to visit our fairly  local arboretum this weekend in the hope that I can get some lovely autumnal photos that I can then turn into a painting.                                              

Flower power

This is one of my favourite paintings that I’ve done during my very short life span as some kind of artist. It’s by no means perfect – doesn’t that lend paintings a certain kind of charm?!

Flower power

I love the depth of colour that is achieved by adding each layer of petals and the ‘happy accidents’ that gave the background to this painting, a beautiful mix of colours. I do feel like a bit of a fraud though as these stunning colours are not of my doing at all!

mmm, cake!

It’s been a frustrating day really, time I had hoped to have this morning to start a painting, didn’t materialise at all. I hope to have some time tomorrow. Instead of putting something new on here, I thought I would add some more cake photos. I made and decorated these cakes over the past few years and I can remember the amazed look on each of the faces of those in receipt of them.

Tom and Jerry


Pretty in Pink

Wild about animals

Floral display




This is my offering from today. I was wandering around the house looking for inspiration and my youngest told me to ‘choose an everyday object’, so I did. This mushroom started off as half of a chestnut mushroom, it’s colouring has however taken on a distinctly autumnal hue. I do love the colours though, I’ve got a 12 colour pan and am constantly amazed at the infinite variety of colours that can be created.


Getting the subject to be still …

my crazy but adorable lakeland terrier

During the summer, whilst I was trying out some different arty techniques, I had a go at using pastels. I decided to stick with the soft pastels – the oil ones looked too permanent for someone of my lack of experience and skill. I was looking around, trying to find inspiration in the back garden, when suddenly it bounded up to me, dropping a tennis ball in my lap. Yes, I chose my dog as the subject and this is the result:


He really is a beautiful dog and his fur has some stunning contrasts within it. He is mainly black and tan but there are hints of red in there as well as some almost white.

superbly spicy samosas…

lamb samosas

I just had to write about the amazing samosas that we’ve just eaten for lunch. I made them with the great help of my 9 year old son. He’s a fan of spicy Indian food and a few weeks ago we went to the Abergavenny Food Festival where he gorged himself on delicious samosas. At the food festival I bought ‘Comfort & Spice’ by Niamh Shields and inside this wonderful book, she gives her recipe for lamb samosas. There were indeed sublime and the smell of the roasted cumin seeds has permeated throughout the entire house.

Tomorrow, my other son will be making something with salmon for our tea, can’t wait.